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Need SELLER leads?

Welcome to WebPros marketing agency, your essential partner in the real estate industry!


Get more seller leads


We quickly capture potential home sellers when they are motivated and seeking a home valuation.


Receive a weekly number of exclusive seller prospects in your desired regions.


The amount of leads received depends on your Google Ads spend Budget. 



Potential sellers visit our sales funnels to request a free personalized valuation of their home. Their information, including property details and listing timeframe, is then directly transmitted to you!

We have the perfect solution for you! With our seller lead generation service, we set up an effective sales funnel that proactively attracts home sellers.

SellerLeads - Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Home Valuation Capture Pages


A lead magnet is a critical component of any good real estate marketing plan: a valuable piece of content (think blog articles or other marketing content such as market reports) offered to visitors of our landing pages in exchange for their email address or other contact information.

Offering a free home valuation is just one among many in our web marketing arsenal.

Our Benefits :


Free Home Valuation: We use appealing highly converting landing pages that offer a free home valuation, encouraging prospects to share their information.


Different landing pages: with different lead magnet offerings to obtain their information if needed. 

We also offer a "free Practical guide to sell your house". 


Automation: Our automated system instantly sends prospect details to your mobile phone via SMS and to your email so you can categorize them effectively and follow up promptly.


Precise Targeting: With our marketing expertise, we utilize targeted paid advertisements to reach highly qualified seller prospects.


Google Ads Certified Professional: Your Google Ads Campaigns are created and managed by John Tahan, a 15 year Google Ads Certified veteran running Google Ads, handling some client budgets exceeding 1 million dollar a year in ad spend. 


All-Inclusive Package: You provide us with your advertising budget, and we take care of the rest. Our setup fee is $299 followed by a $325 monthly subscription for ad management and funnel rental service. 

Lead vendeurs - WebPros

Why Choose WebPros ?




With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing,  Certified Google Ads Professional in paid advertising, we are experts in lead generation for real estate. 


Measurable Results:


We provide detailed reports for each campaign every month, allowing you to measure return on investment. 


Personalized Service:


We understand that every real estate market is unique. Our approach is tailored to your specific needs.


Ready to give your real estate portfolio a boost? Contact WebPros now and let us open the door to success for you!


How does it work?


1- We set up your sales machine (sales funnel)




1  lead capture page (landing pages) with lead magnets (Free home valuation offer)


1  Thank-you-page


Email marketing automation

Setup with preparation of automated email campaigns to inform, educate prospects (lead nurturing phase), preparation of capture forms. Preparation of questionnaire to learn more about your prospects.


Programming of SMS messages

SMS Sent to real estate brokers with form details for each prospect immediately after sign-ups. Also preparation of emails sent to brokers with information about each prospect form info.

Welcome message

Sent to prospects via SMS and email with follow-up messages.


Gmail new account and Google Ads new account creation. Creation of paid advertising campaigns with Google Ads. (Facebook ads if needed)


Administration of the sales funnel and paid marketing campaigns.


Detailed report every month

SellerLeads - Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents
SellerLeads - Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents
Lead vendeurs - WebPros

What We Need From You!


Your logo and photo to be inserted into the marketing material also an image of your choice of the landing page (optional). 


Your mobile phone number to receive your leads via SMS


All your complete contact details to create a brand new Gmail and Google Ads account. (Full name, postal address, date of birth, phone number, email address, all as they appear on your credit card.)


Credit card to be inserted into your Google Ads account. (We respect your monthly budget.)


How Much Does It Cost ?

Account creation and sales funnel programming, setup fee (one time payment)


  • Creation of a Gmail account and creation - opening of a Google Ads account with (WebPros access only). Programming of all campaigns. 
  • Creation of landing page with your branding. Email marketing sequence automation programming
  • Programming of SMS to send to brokers for each lead received with the information from the form filled out by the prospects.
  • Programming of paid advertising campaigns on Google Ads. 

Monthly fees

  • Management and optimization of paid advertising campaigns on Google Ads and others if applicable. 
  • Sales funnel Management and administration and content updates. Preparation of monthly analytical reports.
  • Funnel rental (no contract) (1 month minimum)

(budget up to $1,000 per month)(the monthly cost for administration will be adjusted accordingly to your Google Ads budget exceeding $1,000 per month.)

If you prefer to place your order by phone, please call us at: 514-726-6799. Thank you.

Our email: info@webpros.ca

If you prefer, please fill out the following form.

Thank you,

John Tahan (Owner)

Please note that the costs mentioned above do not include the budget for paid advertisements paid directly to Google with your credit card.

It is up to you to decide on the allocated budget for paid advertisements per month. We always respect your monthly budget. Minimum one-month subscription. Please read our refund and disclaimer policy carefully before ordering. Click here.