Unplug From Your Marketing Automation (SAAS) Provider Today And Save HUNDREDS In Monthly FEES!

Get your own marketing automation platform running from your own hosting account

More Flexibility By Running Your Self-Hosted CRM 

Are you ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level? Look no further than the latest offering from WebPros Marketing Agency: a marketing automation platform solution (open source) directly installed on your hosting account with complete sales funnel programming. A TURNKEY package! All You Need Is To Drive Internet Traffic To It. 

We'll Build A Complete Sales Funnel For Your Business Using Your Own Branding

CRM Self-Hosted WebPros

Email Marketing Automation

Our team will program your marketing automation platform with email marketing and SMS mobile marketing sequences designed for the nurturing phase to convert leads into paying customers.

CRM Self-Hosted WebPros marketing agency

SMS Mobile Marketing (for Premium Plan Only)

For those who opt for our premium plan, we also offer SMS Mobile Marketing capabilities to reach your audience wherever they go.

CRM Self-Hosting WebPros marketing

Branded Landing Pages & Lead Magnets

We will create landing pages with opt-in forms to capture leads and drive conversions. We'll also create lead magnets (HVCO)(High-Value-Content-Offer) to giveway for FREE against prospects information. The basic plan includes one landing page, while the premium plan offers three. We will use your own branding (logo, colors, text if required).

CRM Self-Host by Webpros

Training Session With ZOOM

We offer a free 1-hour onboarding training session via Zoom to ensure you are fully equipped to effectively leverage your new marketing automation platform tools.

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CRM Self-Host by Webpros

Training Session With ZOOM

Once the marketing automation platform implementation is complete, you will receive a Zoom session to familiarize yourself with your new platform.

More Information

WebPros digital marketing agency

Asset Ownership

Both plans include ownership of the marketing automation platform (open source), automation sequences, landing pages, and lead magnets. These assets remain yours once implemented.

CRM Self-Hosting from WebPros Marketing

Hosting Requirements

For the regular plan, shared hosting is acceptable. However, the premium plan requires root access hosting for optimal performance.

CRM Self-Hosted WebPros marketing agency

Root Access

Root access is usually available on virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and cloud hosting solutions.

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Root Access (Continued)

These types of hosting environments provide users with full control over their server settings and configurations, allowing them to install custom software, modify system files, and perform other administrative tasks requiring elevated privileges . Root access is often preferred by businesses and individuals who need maximum flexibility and control over their hosting environment for specialized applications or advanced configurations.

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