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Disclaimer of Liability and Refund Policy

WebPros Marketing Agency (referred to as “WebPros”) offers digital marketing services tailored to the unique needs of each client. We would like to make it clear that the results obtained from our services, including but not limited to organic or paid ads marketing, can vary depending on individual client circumstances, industry factors, and other variables.

While we strive to deliver excellent results, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes or levels of return on investment (ROI). Clients should be aware that digital marketing results are subject to fluctuations, and success is influenced by a combination of factors beyond our control.

Liability Disclaimer: WebPros shall not be held liable for any dissatisfaction with the results obtained from our services. Clients engage with WebPros understanding and acknowledging the inherent uncertainties and complexities involved in the digital marketing landscape.

Refund Policy: WebPros operates on a no-refund policy for services rendered. This includes but is not limited to deposits made for website development, sales funnel creation, or any other digital marketing services initiated on behalf of the client. Once the services are commenced, financial commitments are made to facilitate the smooth progress of the project.

Clients are encouraged to thoroughly discuss their expectations, goals, and any concerns with WebPros before engaging in our services. We are committed to open communication and transparency to ensure a clear understanding of the scope of work and potential outcomes.

By entering into an agreement with WebPros, clients acknowledge and accept these terms regarding liability and the no-refund policy for services rendered.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this disclaimer or our policies, please feel free to contact us for clarification.