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Thank you for your patience. We're currently working on the site and will be back shortly. I'm John Tahan, a Google Ads Certified Professional based in Montreal, with over 15 years of experience in running Google Ads and creating sales funnels. I specialize in restructuring accounts, selecting your optimal offers to promote, configuring conversion tracking, choosing the right keywords, crafting effective ad copies, improve your QS (quality score), evaluating UX and landing page design and using a proper budget for your campaigns. I also help in selecting the appropriate campaign type and bidding strategy to increase your ROAS (return-on-ad-spend), decrease your CPA (cost-per-acquisition), and improve your overall ROI (return-on-investment). I offer companies a free comprehensive Google Ads account audit and a full digital assets audit.

I will monitor your Google Ads campaign on a daily basis, increase your conversions and analyze the results to make intelligent decisions about changing your bidding strategies to maximize conversions with TCPA and TROAS.

In the mean time, you can visit our Facebook page or email me directly at: